Division of Comparative Medicine

DCM-Lab Animal Resource Software

DCM is soon implementing new software to support your services with us. Some of you may already be aware that the new software will automate animal number reconciliation – tracking of animal numbers and entries into MRAP will soon no longer be necessary. LARS (Lab Animal Resource Software) is a web-based application, fully integrated with MRAP and will support the following processes: 

  • Animal orders
  • Automated animal number reconciliation in MRAP
  • Animal census
  • Splitting or weaning of animals
  • Animal transfers
  • Reports: Billing and Accounting

LARS will be rolled out in 5 to 6 migrations beginning in February 2019. You will be contacted well in advance of the rollout date for your colony. Note that in the transition to LARS, DCM account owners must be protocol owners and if you hold multiple accounts with DCM, protocol numbers must be identified on service requests to assign charges to the appropriate account. 

LARS homepage

Training sessions to introduce you or your lab designate(s) to the program are currently under way. Look for training dates and migration rollout dates at DCM-LARS updates.

A LARS user guide and other training materials are now available.