Division of Comparative Medicine


Any Department or PI within or outside the University requiring Goods or Services from DCM must have an active account with DCM.

Setting Up an Account with DCM

  1. Obtain the Internal or External Account Request form from DCM office staff.
  2. Complete the Internal or the External Account form.
  3. Once the form is completed and signed by the PI or his/her business officer, submit the form by email, fax, or in person to the DCM office.
  4. DCM will set up an account in the name of the PI.  Notification of the new account number is sent to the PI or designate via email.  The email will also copy DCM staff to include the secretary, receiving clerk, import/export coordinator, Vet Tech 4 for MSB and CCBR.

All animal purchases, animal per diems, non-animal purchases, technical or surgical services will be billed to the account number assigned. Monthly billing details can be viewed on DCM LARS. Refer to DCM LARS Guide for Business Personnel for details. If you note a discrepancy when reviewing your statement, please contact the DCM Financial Administrator.