Post Approval Review

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Once an Animal Use Protocol (AUP) is approved, it is essential that the work is performed in conformance with what has been subject to review by the Local Animal Care Committee. This ensures that all animal use meets federal guidelines, provincial statutes, University of Toronto guidelines, and best practices reflected in standard operating procedures. Post approval review is a mechanism by which various members of the University community work with investigative staff to ensure conformance and continuity of compliance throughout the lifespan of the AUP.

Post approval review occurs through multiple avenues both formal and informal.

The Research Oversight and Compliance Office (ROCO), within the Vice President Research and Innovation Office, works with investigative staff to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines as well as University policy.  ROCO works with all stakeholders in its role including federal and provincial regulators of animal care. Through its various programs, including post approval review, ROCO works to engender the highest standard of animal welfare University-wide.     

The Local Animal Care Committee may also visit labs to observe and discuss your work so that the committee may develop a better understanding of the project.

In cases where you may be experiencing technical difficulties completing a project, DCM veterinarians and technical staff may be consulted to review and if needed modify procedures described in an AUP to help overcome any challenges. We are partners to your research.