Mouse Module

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This module has two components comprising the theory and practice of working with mouse models. The theoretical component is on-line and may be taken at your convenience by logging on to Quercus with your UTORid once you are registered.  Once you have passed the theoretical component, you will be registered for the practical, hands-on session. This includes competency assessments in specific areas. Following this session, you will be provided with a guided tour of the facility you are working in. Advanced biomethodology is offered as a separate module.

  • Animal Use Protocol (AUP)
  • Working in a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) (Competency Assessment)
  • Record keeping
  • Stressors
  • Mouse social housing
  • Handling techniques (Competency Assessment)
  • Breeding mice
  • Sexing mice
  • Identification and genotyping
  • Subcutaneous (SQ) injections(Competency Assessment)
  • Intraperitoneal (IP) injections(Competency Assessment)
  • Euthanasia

If you are unsuccessful with the quiz or the competency assessments, additional training will be scheduled.