IVIS Spectrum

IVIS SpectrumIVIS Spectrum

The IVIS Spectrum instrument provides high sensitivity in-vivo optical imaging via three modalities: fluorescence, luminescence. The Spectrum also offers full 3-D tomographic anatomical reconstruction of your fluorescent or bioluminescent reporter against the built-in Digital Mouse Atlas. An integrated anesthetic system supports high throughput imaging of up to 5 mice at the same time with dedicated mouse housing available nearby for serial imaging over the duration of your study.  

Image multiple fluorescent probes and bioluminescent reporters like firefly luciferase, Renilla luciferase and bacterial luciferase in vivo at depth rapidly and quantitatively. A dedicated Class II Type A2 supports work with RG2 agents. The ultra-sensitive camera allows for detection of as few as five cells for applications such as early monitoring of metastasis, longitudinal tracking of tumor development or stem cell tracking in whole animal body.

Image and quantify all commonly used fluorophores, including fluorescent proteins, dyes and conjugates. Automatic Spectral unmixing allows detection and separation of multiple reporters, and reduces the effects of tissue auto-fluorescence, permitting visualization of reporters in various applications such as tracking cell recruitment in inflammation.

CCD Camera

  • Back thinned, back illuminated grade 1 CCD provides high quantum efficiency over the entire visible to near-infrared spectrum
  • 16-bit digitizer delivers broad dynamic range
  • 13.5 micron pixels, 2048 x 2048
  • CCD is thermoelectrically (Peltier) cooled to -90 °C , ensuring low dark current and low noise

Custom-Designed Lens

  • • 6-inch diameter optics, f/1– f/8 
  • • High-resolution - down to 20 microns 
  • f/1 - f/8 lens; 1.5 x, 2.5 x, 5 x, 8.7 x magnifications

Fluorescence Light Source and Excitation Filters  

  • Emitted light from excitation filter wheel
  • 10 narrow band excitation filters: 415 nm -760 nm 
  • 18 narrow band emission filters: 490 nm -850 nm

The Spectrum is professionally managed through the 3D-CFI facility offering full image analysis services as well as training should you wish to do the imaging yourself.