How to Submit Animal Use Protocols

The review process is initiated by submission of an Animal Use Protocol (AUP) on-line through My Research (MR). The local Animal Care Committee (LACC) representing the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry reviews AUPs describing work that will be conducted at facilities administered by the Division of Comparative Medicine.

Ethical review ensures that all animal use meets federal guidelines, provincial statutes, University of Toronto guidelines, and best practices reflected in standard operating procedures. The TriCouncil also requires ethical review and adherence to federal guidelines as a condition of funding. Other federal and provincial funding agencies have similar requirements.

The LACC meets the first Wednesday of each month. Protocols must be submitted by before the scheduled submission deadline to allow sufficient time for review.

Protocols must be reviewed annually and remain valid for the duration of the project. It is important that your AUP reflects the study as you plan to conduct it. State what you plan to do in full, and ensure that all procedures performed post-approval are carried out as described.

When you need to add something new to or modify an existing AUP, an amendment must be submitted through MRAP. Amendments are also reviewed at the monthly meetings of the LACC. Please consult DCM veterinary staff or the Research Oversight and Compliance Office if you are unsure whether your proposed changes are permissible as an amendment.