Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to renew my protocol every year?

Yes. The Canadian Council on Animal Care mandates yearly review of Animal Use Protocols by local Animal Care Committees in their Terms of Reference.    

Does every single procedure I’m doing need to be reviewed?

If it is performed on a live animal, yes. Federal guidelines and provincial legislation requires that all procedures for which animals are used in research or teaching is subject to ethical review before the work begins. 

How do I apply for access to DCM facilities?

If you require access to the CCBR or MSB animal facility, you will need a fob. Fobs are obtained through your departmental business officer. Fobs must not be shared. Obtain a DCM Access Request Form either in person or by email. Once you have your fob, submit the completed requisition form to DCM to gain facility access. Office hours for this service may be obtained as indicated on the requisition, Tuesday and Thursday 1-3pm.

How do I apply for review of my protocol?

Animal Use Protocols can be submitted electronically through the My Research (MR) portal. If you need to request access to My Research, contact the RAISE helpdesk.     

How do I get training?

DCM’s animal user training program is modular; all modules relevant to procedures described in approved animal use protocols must be completed. Contact us to obtain a training requisition.

I don’t have an account yet, how do I set one up?

Feel free to contact our financial administrator to set up your account. 

I don’t see the training I need in the descriptions provided, what do I do?

DCM staff is also available to conduct one to one training for specific procedures not included in the training program. Alternatively, we can refer you to qualified individuals for assistance.

I don’t understand my billing statements, is there somewhere I can get additional information?

Feel free to contact our financial administrator for any questions pertaining to your statements. 

I have a special project that I need help with, who can I contact?

DCM’s professional staff offers considerable expertise to support your specialized projects. Feel free to contact us with your questions.  

I have to use a chemical hazard, how do I get approval and what do I need to consider?

All chemical hazards must be listed on your animal use protocol and a procedure approved by EHS and DCM must in place before the start of any work.  The chemical hazard list can be found in SOP 3.10 “Safe Handling of Chemical Hazards”. DCM and EHS have worked diligently to produce a ‘Chemical Hazards in DCM’ list as part of this SOP. The list comprises the chemical hazards on active animal use protocols and provides a quick reference to some of the safety precautions required for working with each chemical. These precautions are to be detailed in the relevant Animal Use Protocol so that all staff exposed to the hazard (animal care staff as well as investigative staff) can work safely.