Chemical Hazard Module

chemical hazard label


This module provides a practical overview of precautionary measures and safe work practices for projects which include use of chemical hazards in animal models. Species-specific biomethodology training is a prerequisite as is the theory-based course(s) on working with chemical hazards provided by Environmental Health and Safety. The DCM chemical hazard training module is offered on an as needed basis throughout the year. Obtain form for registration.


Prerequisites to work with chemical hazards

  • Animal use protocol
  • N95 respiratory fit test
  • EHS training
  • Species-specific biomethodology
  • SOP review
  • DCM notification

Working with chemical hazards

  • Signage
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Fumehood/biological safety cabinet preparation
  • Necessary supplies
  • Booking
  • Waste disposal
  • Clean-up agents
  • Spills
  • Moving cages between rooms