Bruker Xtreme

Bruker XtremeBruker Xtreme

The Bruker Xtreme instrument provides in-vivo optical and x-ray imaging including four modalities: high resolution X-ray, fluorescence, luminescence and radioisotopic. By overlaying high sensitivity optical imaging with high resolution X-ray, you can achieve precise anatomical localization of your molecular or cellular biomarker. In addition, the unit offers DEXA scanning and bone density analysis. A built in anesthetic system supports high throughput imaging of up to 5 mice at the same time with dedicated mouse housing available nearby for serial imaging over the duration of your study.

The multimodal imaging system can be configured to support optical imaging of bacterial and viral markers, molecular indicators of apoptosis or inflammatory processes in detailed co-registered anatomical context, multiple animal organs or tissues can also be imaged simultaneously.

A dedicated Class II Type A2 supports work with RG2 agents. Use the Xtreme to image real-time changes in biochemical pathways, quantify changes in bone and soft tissue structure or track migration of cells longitudinally.      

CCD  Camera

  • Back-thinned, back-illuminated 4MP CCD detector
  • 13.5 micron pixels,  2048 x 2048
  • Large, fast f/1.1 – f/16, 58 mm lens, fixed

Luminescence Sensitivity

  • BI 4MP: <650 photons/sec/cm2 and <50 photons/sec/cm2/

Fluorescence Light Source & Excitation Filters 

  • Powerful 400W Xenon illuminator
  • 28 narrow band excitation filters
  • Excite fluorophores from the visible to the NIR, 410-760nm
  • 6 high-sensitivity wide angle emission filters, automated 8 position filter wheel, 535-830nm

X-ray Source 

  • Geometric magnification stage for high resolution imaging
  • High speed X-ray head 500 μA
  • 20-45kVp

The Xtreme is professionally managed through the 3D-CFI facility offering full image analysis services as well as training should you wish to do the imaging yourself.