Animal Use Protocol Review

  • Submit Animal Use Protocols electronically through My Research (MR)

DCM veterinary staff is available to review your Animal Use Protocols (AUPs) prior to submission.  Veterinary staff is actively involved in the review of all AUPs and serve on the local Animal Care Committee. Veterinary review often helps to expedite the overall review process.

If you are developing a new protocol, DCM veterinarians are important resources available to consult on any aspect of laboratory animal medicine or surgery e.g. animal models, experimental design, biomethodology and experimental equipment, anaesthesia and analgesia, experimental surgery and instrumentation, imaging, diagnostics, endpoint selection, pathology.

Veterinary staff is also available for collaboration, an important consideration for PIs with limited in-vivo experience.

Consultations are welcome and can be made in-person by appointment, or via email.