Animal Import/ Export Request

 import /export


You must have a valid Animal Use Protocol to import animals. Initiate the process by submitting an order requisition (see LARS DCM Investigator User Guide, section 2.2.1) on LARS. DCM’s Animal Coordinator will contact you once the requisition is place. The Coordinator will ensure all health documentation is provided by the shipping institution and then reviewed by a DCM Veterinarian. Note that your import may be subject to other requirements such as material transfer agreements that can lengthen the overall process for importation. Animals from non-commercial sources will be subject to quarantine.

If a colleague at another institution has made a request for your mice, please submit an external transfer request (see LARS DCM Investigator User Guide, section 2.2.2) on LARS. DCM’s animal coordinator will be in touch with next steps on your import/export requests once your requisition form has been received.

Before animals are acquired or used, all procedures must be subject to ethical review in accordance with federal guidelines (Canadian Council on Animal Care) and provincial legislation (Animals for Research Act- OMAFRA) on animal care and use. No procedures can be undertaken without prior review. Ethical review ensures that all animal use meets federal guidelines, provincial statutes, University of Toronto guidelines, and best practices reflected in standard operating procedures.