Division of Comparative Medicine

Animal Procurement

Commercial Orders

All animals acquired for use under approved Animal Use Protocols must be ordered or imported through DCM. This procedure ensures appropriate documentation of animals as required by regulatory agencies with oversight on animal care and use. It also ensures that adequate staff, caging and facilities are available to accommodate and care for animals when they arrive.

Obtain an animal request form, ensure it is filled completely and email the form to DCM’s receiving clerk, or bring your form to the MSB receiving area. Note that the order cannot be processed without all fields completed. Your order will be confirmed if the vendor is able to supply the animals as per your request.

The deadline for Canadian suppliers is 11:00 am Thursday for delivery the following week. The deadline for American suppliers is 11:00 am Wednesday for delivery the following week.  All orders are subject to availability of the species and strain. Please try to place your animal orders well before these deadlines. We are unable to process most late orders due to supplier restrictions, otherwise, late orders will be subject to a $25 surcharge.

Animal orders are typically received on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  The animals are unpacked, given a health check and the cages are placed in the designated holding rooms.

Any discrepancies with your animal order should be reported immediately to the receiving clerk for completion of an unsatisfactory shipment report.  It may be necessary for one of the DCM veterinary staff to assess the problem so timely reporting is important.  Depending on the issue, you may be entitled to a replacement or credit.

Import/Export of non-commercial animals

If you need to import or export any animals from a non-commercial supplier, contact DCM.  The Import Coordinator will guide you through all the steps required to ensure a successful and safe transfer. Obtaining and completing the DCM Rodent Import Request Form will initiate the process. 

Once the health surveillance data from the shipping institution has been reviewed and the import approved, animals are received in DCM. They will then undergo a quarantine process to verify their health status before being released to general housing.