Anesthetic Module

Image: anesthetic machine


This module provides a comprehensive review of the most commonly used technique for providing general anesthesia for rat or mouse models. The module also provides theory and demonstration of judgement of anesthetic depth, an integral part of using any general anesthetics. The module has two components. The theoretical component is on-line and may be taken at your convenience by logging on to Blackboard with your UTORid once you are registered. Once you have passed the theoretical component, you will be registered for the practical, hands-on session. The anesthetic module is offered on an as needed basis throughout the year.


Identify the components of the machine and rebreathing circuit

  • Build a complete anesthetic circuit
  • Filing the vaporizer
  • Clean up in case of spill
  • Safety
  • Booking machines

Injectable anesthetics

  • Complete a worksheet on drug calculations

Judgement of anesthetic depth

  • Parameters for monitoring
  • Planes of anesthesia
  • Recovery

Documentation for anesthetic procedures

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